The Nowhere Men!

Nowhere Men, composed of Jeff Seldon (banjo), Stan Miller (guitar), and Ken Gerow (upright bass), plays an eclectic mix of Americana, folk, and bluegrass, including some singalong numbers (so tune up your voices).
Band Bios
Jeff has been musical his whole life. His interests and experience range wildly, from classical and jazz to folk and pop. He has love for all instruments, but he primarily focuses on the voice, guitar and banjo. An increased interest in singing led to a stint with the Birmingham Symphony Chorus, with whom he toured in France and recorded a CD.
Stan is a former high school Mathematics and Spanish teacher, now a professional engineer, (civil). Stan grew up singing four-part harmonies as a Mennonite and specializes in harmony as it applies to all aspects of life.
Ken cannot claim a lifelong habit of playing music, despite first being in a band as a teenager (see below). His son Eugene is a wicked good banjo player; Ken claims that E got his talent from him, and when he did, took it all. Ken is trying to claim some of it back by holding down the groove with these other two fine gents.
About the name

When John Lennon was 13, he was obsessed with playing his guitar, and not at all interested in his math, statistics, or physics classes. One day, the story goes, an exasperated and frustrated teacher exclaimed, "John, you are going nowhere, man!". Well, we know how that turned out.
When Ken was thirteen he was in a band. One of the songs that band sang back then was Nowhere Man. Ken's little sister Marlene was suitably impressed by her big brother being in a band. 
Fast forward twenty years... Marny calls Ken one day, cracking up laughing. Laughing and laughing... "Ken, I just heard Nowhere Man on the radio. All these years I thought you and Adair wrote it!" (Truly, she did not/does not listen to music much).
When Ken told her about his new band and that it needed a name, she did not hesitate: "Nowhere Men," she said.

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